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Unread 07-14-21, 09:37 AM
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UAvionix AV-30-C Attitude Indicator field approval & installation

I wanted an additional attitude indicator in my '77 NA G-model panel and looked at several options (G5, Gi-275, another vacuum one, Sandia Quattro, etc etc) and determined that since my primary is still vacuum (follow-up for 400A autopilot), I thought an electric one would be a nice backup. And the provides Attitude, Airspeed, Altitude, AoA, g-load, OAT, TAS, etc., so I determined it suitable for my needs.

Using Non-Required Equipment Safety Enhancement (NORSEE) policy, I sent an inquiry to my FSDO seeking field approval to install UAvionix AV-30-C (which is STC'd for many aircraft, even as a primary replacement, but, of course, not a Skymaster).

My avionics rep at the FSDO turned out to be a co-conspirator, and agreed to do the field approval after a couple days research and chatting about and reading the AV-30 install manual.

We negotiated the Form337 block 8 language, and I ordered an AV-30-C from Spruce along with the Davtron C307PS OAT gauge. My local avionics guy built the simple harness, and we installed the gauge in about 4 hours. I put the OAT probe under the right wing near the boom, and we did have to extend the 12' of shielded cable by about 4' to run it all the way to the AV-30-C which I put on the pilot's side just above the Nav 2 course indicator.

Software configuration required a test flight, which went fine, and we entered the appropriate offsets for temp, altitude, airspeed, etc. to get the AV-30-C indications to be consistent with the aircraft's primary gauges.

My friendly local A&P/IA supervised and inspected the work and signed off the Form337.

In case anyone else wants to do something similar, here's the language I used in Block 8 of the Form337 for the AV-30-C installation:

1) Installation of the AV-30-C as pilot-selectable Attitude Indicator or Directional Gyro is supplemental only; it is not intended as a replacement for or modification to an existing, approved, or required system.
2) Installation is Field-Approved per FAA AIR Policy Statement PS-AIR-21.8-1602 "Approval of Non-Required Safety Enhancing Equipment (NORSEE)."
3) Installed AV-30-C (PN UAV-1003429-001 SN xxxxxx) at FS79 in pilot's upper right instrument panel with reference to UAvionix's AV-30-C installation manual UAV-103947-001 Rev D. Unit receives power from existing Avionics bus, and is connected to the aircraft's existing pitot and static tubing. A separate, stand-alone Davtron Outside Air Temperature probe (PN C307PS) is installed under the aircraft's right wing and is connected to the AV-30-C. AV-30-C provides mutable voice annunciations through unused DME audio channel in existing audio panel.
4) In this configuration, any failure mode of the AV-30-C has no effect on the airworthiness or IFR certification of the aircraft, nor does any failure mode of the AV-30C affect the aircraft's existing VFR or IFR flight capability. Pilot's guide (UAV-1004044-001) and AFMS (UAV-1003946-001) added to POH.
W&B data:
B.E.W. 2957 ARM/CG: 141.3 Moment: 417769.8
AV-30-C 1 79.0 79.0
2958 141.28 417848.8 Useful Load: 1672
Attached Images
File Type: jpg AV-30-C Installation (sm).jpg (61.3 KB, 3442 views)
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Unread 08-22-21, 07:12 AM
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I like this idea alot, N122WB has only one vacuum AI and upon purchase it went bad. Got a replacement but an electric one would be a critical backup in the event of a suction failure.

When you come to NH, bring the details and I will run it past my AI.

Tim Cote
Washington DC
P337G N639GC
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Unread 10-04-21, 02:55 PM
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Blue line?

Does the AV-30-C have a programmable blue line for the airspeed indicator?

I noticed there are ZERO twins on the AML for this product, yet the early press releases (and this AOPA article: ) claimed it had already been approved for singles and twins under 6k lbs and 200 knots max cruise speed.

Any idea why no twins on the Approved Model List?

I sent an email to Uavionix, we'll see if they respond with an explanation.

The lack of a blue tick on the indicator would probably cause to not be approved for twins, but this is pure speculation on my part.

BTW, how are you enjoying it?
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Unread 10-13-21, 03:10 PM
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Learjetter is on a distinguished road
I like it fine, for exactly what it is: a supplemental indicator. I've found I need to tweak it's trim settings occasionally (trim settings are installer-made adjustments to the displayed values to ensure congruity with existing factory instruments--e.g. flying at 135 KIAS on airspeed indicator but seeing only 130 KIAS on AV-30C means the installer can adjust the airspeed trim +5 so the AV-30 display is more congruent with the factory airspeed indicator.) Trim +/- adjustments are available for altitude, OAT, Airspeed, roll, etc. See installation manual in my previous post. I attached 2 photos from my last sortie a couple days ago, to give you an idea what mine looks like inflight and how I installed it.

I do have an occasional issue with the airspeed showing above 40 KIAS while taxiing and occasionally when in the chocks, resulting in the unit switching to battery power instead of turning itself off when I flip off the avionics master. There's a force-off function to defeat this intermittent irritant.

Bottom line? It was an "easy" field-approved install, only cost about 3AMU$ total, and provides an electric supplemental AI, Alt, A/S, AOA, G-meter, or be a supplemental DG.
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